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Leather coating
Requirements Benefits
Soft (like natural skin!)
Water proof / dirt proof
Wear and scratch resistant
Resistant to chemicals and detergents
Available in all colours
Keeps softfeel effect even at heavy coating thickness due to controlled surface structure!
Improved hydrolysis resistance
Can also be used for artificial leather (Vinyl, PU).
Highly mat surface with a good mar resistance


Wood / cork coating
Requirements Benefits
Supports natural look of wood structure (depth!)
invisible coating / highly mat surface
Soft warm waxy feeling to support the natural wood feeling
Resistant to chemicals, cosmetics, water, dyestuffs etc.
Slip resistant (chairs, floors etc.)
With the right binder / bead combination you are able to create this soft waxy feeling
Due to the high mat effect it is possible to create a highly mat system with good chemical resistance
Enhanced hydrolysis resistance


 Automotive interior coatings
Requirements Benefits
Highly mat surface (gloss <3 on 85°)
Excellent hydrolysis resistance
Excellent mar resistance
No grey veil / high colour depth
Resistance against PEG
The beads give an excellent mar resistance and a high mat effect
Because of the lower content of fumed silica the hydrolysis and PEG resistance increases tremendously
If the black beads are used, the colour depth will increase without any grey veil


Vinyl floor coating
Requirements Benefits
Has to meet international safety standards for slip resistance
invisible coating / highly mat surface
DECOSOFT® 18 added to a suitable coating formulation does the job!
This solution has outperformed all other approaches and been successful for several years.
Highly mat surface with a good mar resistance


Wall coating
Requirements Benefits
Softfeel without tack
No dirt pick up
A two layer system will do the job
  normal wall coating (filled, pigmented, coloured)
  „topcoat“ unfilled only containing DECOSOFT® 30 white or transparent to create the softfeel effect

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